13 maio 2008

When you say that you go away…

When you say that you go away…

Go! Do that
Leave quite
Go away for the life
Without say again
That you love me
Leave running, go
Run over the storm
Blow out the band of a candle
Upshot the stringed
Become impatient through the streets
That your course
It’s not disorientated
Go fast! And don’t forget
To carry your dress
That one that you take off
When you are with me
Take everything!
Your perfumes, your ear rings
Your pictures and flowers
That one day I gave you
Don’t forget to take
Your dreams too
Just leave with me
My owns one
Because they will
Show me every night
That one day you will come back
That one day I will feel again
Your perfume on the air
I will take off your ear rings, your dress
And I will make you dream again
Go away! I don’t care
Because I know that your destiny
It’s here by my side
In that same place.

Renato Baptista
Todos os Direitos Reservados
Tradução: Evelyn Soares

Meu agradecimento especial a Evelyn Soares, noiva do meu amigo Guilherme Simão, que me presenteou com a tradução da minha obra.

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